The Assess Costs Everywhere (ACE) tool is one of multiple activities being carried out by the Department of Commerce to encourage businesses to bring production back to the United States or expand their operations here. The Department works every day to help American businesses thrive and restore middle class security by creating incentives, securing access to markets for U.S. exports, providing financial and technical support for companies to grow and expand, and improving education and training opportunities to develop a skilled workforce.

The ACE tool was developed within the Economics and Statistics Administration under the direction of Mark Doms, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, and with the partnership of the National Institute for Standards and Technology's Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Various agencies within the Department of Commerce also collaborated in ACE's development, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office and SelectUSA within the International Trade Administration.

Project Team

Economics and Statistics Administration

Mark Doms, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

Susan Helper, Chief Economist

David Langdon, Project Manager
Ryan Noonan
Fenwick Yu
Sabrina Montes
Rick Lattimer
Brittany Bond

Joshua Malloy

Augustus Urschel

Office of Public Affairs

Mike Kruger, Director of Digital Strategy

National Institute for Standards and Technology,

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Mark Schmit, Manager of National Accounts
Samm Bowman

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Saurabh Vishnubhakat, Expert Advisor

The Project Team would like to thank Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative, Jason Miller of the National Economic Council, Kristen Dill of Dill and Company, Alison McCauley of Evolver, Inc., and Suzanne De Treville of the University of Lausanne for their invaluable input and contributions to ACE. SelectUSA provided important guidance and feedback throughout the website's development; specifically, the Project Team thanks Steve Olson, Aaron Brickman, Tazeem Pasha, Rebecca Moudry, Pamela Rinehart, and Felicia Pullam. Many individuals within the Economics and Statistics Administration also deserve thanks, including Ken Arnold, Robert Rubinovitz, Joanne Caldwell, Linda Bonney, Joanne Buenzli-Crane, Patricia Buckley, Jocelyn Burston, Jane Callen, Sandra Cooke-Hull, Doug Follansbee, Regina Powers, and Tommy Wiederhold. Talented interns have provided regular updates to keep ACE up to date, including Adji-Fatou Diagne, Albert Espinoza, Rhiannon Grodnik, John Okemah, and Mary Vansuch.